Starting Defenses

All BP gained on this chart must be spent on Fortifications.

d8 Result
1 Desolate, ruined land, ravaged by disaster, war, or simply abandoned. No defensible structures of any kind, and no infrastructure for moving troops. You have no fortifications whatsoever.
2 Scarce cultivation, mostly wilderness with a few unprotected pockets of civilization, having one or two roads or a minor stronghold. +5 BP
3 Some cultivation, presence of a keep or smaller stronghold with a few roads, rivers, or ports. +10 BP
4 Defensible, with at least one fortified town or castle. Roads and trails are present, and rivers or ports are likely. +15 BP
5 Good defenses with, almost certainly, a castle, along with a few other strong points.+20 BP
6 Excellent defenses, with man-made fortifications likely combined with defensible terrain features. +25 BP
7 Extraordinary defenses with structures, walls, and terrain features that, when combined, make attacking this land very costly.+30 BP
8 Among the greatest defenses in the world. +35 BP
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