Certain attacks and effects deal subdual (or nonlethal) damage. When you take subdual damage, keep a running total of how much you’ve accumulated - do not deduct it damage number from your current hit points. It is not “real” damage. Instead, when your nonlethal damage equals your current hit points, you’re staggered, and when it exceeds your current hit points, you fall unconscious. It doesn’t matter whether the nonlethal damage equals or exceeds your current hit points because the nonlethal damage has gone up or because your current hit points have gone down.

Sorcerers who fall unconscious lose any MP they had in their Mana Pool before going unconscious. In addition, if they were storing any partially-cats spells, they lose the MP they had stored for that purpose.

You heal subdual damage at the rate of 1 hit point per hour per character level. When a spell or a effect cures hit point damage, it also removes an equal amount of subdual damage.

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