Summon Swarm

Nature Magic
340 XP

MP Cost: 5
Components: V, S, F
Casting Time: One action
Range: One mile per scholar level
Target: One animal swarm that can be found in the local environment
Duration: One minute per scholar level, plus see below
Saving Throw: Will negates
Prerequisites: Knowledge (nature) 8 ranks, summon beast
Magic Attack Roll: Sets DC for target’s Will save

This spell summons a swarm of the animal subtype to serve the sorcerer. The MP cost is 5 for a swarm of Small size or smaller animals, and 10 for a herd of Medium-size animals. Summoned swarms are causes for horror checks. The sorcerer may specify the animal swarm he wishes to summon. If that animal is not found within one mile, he may specify an alternate animal swarm, but this will take another action and require a different focus (see below). He may keep specifying alternate animal swarms until he finds one that is within a mile. The MP cost is always paid for the animal that is actually summoned, not necessarily the first choice of animal. The animal swarm will serve the sorcerer without question, including attacking his enemies. However, summoned creatures may become uncontrollable if they sustain damage. At the end of any round during which a summoned swarm is dealt damage, it must make a Will save (DC = 10 + damage sustained that round). Failure indicates that the creature’s pain overcomes its desire to serve the sorcerer, and it flees away from the damage-dealing source as rapidly as possible. For some reason, any animal summoned by a Brulish scholar has a pale, almost ghostly appearance. This has no particular game effect, but simply appears to be a peculiarity of the Brulish style of sorcery.

Focus: A small image or carving of the animal type to be summoned. This can be re-used on a later occasion.
Experience Point Cost: 25 XP (50 XP for a Medium-size creature horde).

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