Tantric Rituals (Sorcery)

Prerequisite: Tantric Wisdom, magic attack bonus +2.

Benefit: You may lead a collective tantric ritual to gather magic for your spells. The ritual requires at least two people (including yourself). When engaged in this ritual for twenty minutes, you must make a Fortitude save (DC 13). You suffer a -2 cumulative penalty on this roll for every twenty minutes you endure. If you make the save, you gain an amount of MP equal to your Charisma modifier, plus 3 MP for every other participant in the ritual. You may then choose to finish the ritual, or continue for another twenty minutes.

If at any time you fail the Fortitude save, you become unconscious, and all MP gained from him by this feat are lost.

MP gained in this way remain in your mana pool for a number of days equal to your magic attack bonus, or until you cast a spell.

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