Targeted Spell

Prerequisite: Ability to cast 3rd-level spells.
Benefit: You may select a group consisting of a culture, or class to exclude from the effects of any spell you cast
affecting an area, such as a burst, emanation, spread, line, cone, cylinder, sphere, or creatures at the time you cast the spell. For spells with durations longer than instantaneous or 1 round, the excluded group gains no special protection from the spell’s effect beyond the first round. Only one group can be selected at a time. The selection may change with each spell (a magic-user could cast one spell and have it ignore Icatians, and then cast another and have it ignore only charioteers). For example, a spellcaster excludes a group of Icatians from a spell. Any Icatians in
the area are unaffected on the first round. However, on the following rounds, any Icatians still in the area are subject to the spell’s effects. A targeted spell costs an additional 20 mana to cast.

Special: The caster must state a known group. Such a group cannot be based on relationships, except in instances of the same families. For example, a magic-user could cast a spell that ignores everyone in the Atreides family, but he cannot cast a spell that ignores “my friends.” The caster also cannot name individuals for this spell—they must fit within a specific group.

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