The Ages

Galadran's history is separated into "Ages,” or periods of time punctuated by important events. The first two Ages (Dreams and Tears) are named retroactively, dealing as they do with the times of Antiquity, before the rise of the New Gods, and the Oracles. All other Ages have begun when the Oracles proclaimed the end of the last Age, and are named at that time, with a prophetic eye.

For example, when the Age of Swords was proclaimed, it was believed that the name was in reference to a new time of military might and expansion, following the Age of Dragons. In fact, it was a prophetic reference to the Thirteen Swords of Vargen, and the coming of the Titans War, where those weapons would be instrumental in the victory of the mortal races.

Age of Dreams

The Coming of the Highgod
When all was darkness and great void in the crystal sphere now known as Galadrania, a powerful immortal emerged from beyond our plane, fleeing the madness and savagry of Carcossa. This being was known as Niline, the highgod, and the creator of our world. Nihilne was a peaceful god - a builder and a craftsman of his realm, and he saw the vast emptiness of the crystal sphere as fodder for a new creation. Drawing upon the powers of magic learned from his masters, Nihilne began the Song of Creation, calling forth from the void around him servents known as the Deng. The Deng's voices combined with his, and so were the lands given form.

Of all the lands in Galadrainia, only three were blessed with life - Kulsia, the Watchful Realm, Galadran, the Home of All Creation, and Zaragah, the Farthest Realm. Kulsia and Zaragah were created by the Highgod as watchtowers against the coming of other Carcossans, but it was on Galadran that he focused his greatest efforts.

Having sung his creations into existence, Nihilne sent forth the Deng to give the new creations form. His servents made the planet's mountains and forests, the rivers and the deserts. After the world was formed, the Deng sang life upon it, creating two races that were to populate Galadran. They were the Fae and the Saerks. Each being was given a purpose - the fae were the chosen of Nihilne, given the gift of Glamour and placed in an exalted position among the lesser races. The Saerks were the servents of the Deng, and were creators and builders. They were given a hunger for knowledge, and a restless spirit that drove them to create and refine.

Finally, Nihilne opened a small portal to the Elemental Plane of Fire, releasing a sphere of smokeless fire from that plane into Galadrainia. The power of the fire combined with the magic of the Song of Creation, solidified the creations of this realm as mud is turned into pottery. The creations lived, the waters flowed, the trees began to grow, and all life began. In this way was the world formed.

The First War

Age of Tears

Age of Dragons

Age of Swords

Age of Might

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