The Dead Speak

340 XP

MP Cost: 30
Threshold: 2
Components: V, S
Casting Time: One standard action
Range: Touch
Target: One corpse
Duration: Concentration + 1d6 rounds
Saving Throw: See below
Prerequisites: raise corpse

The necromancer forces a semblance of life back into a corpse or at least a head. The animated horror can speak and think and see as it did in life, assuming it still has the necessary body parts to do so (a severed head can still speak if it has a tongue and jaw and see if it has eyes). The spark of life lasts only a few moments but this may be long enough to interrogate a fallen guard or mock a defeated foe one last time.

Visions created by this spell are emotionally charged and extremely vivid. You must make a Fortitude saving throw at the end of the spell’s effect (the moment of death), or pass out for 1d0 rounds.

Material Component: The chosen corpse. The corpse cannot be more than 3 days old.

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