The Powers

The Sacred Earth is the province of three opposed powers:

The Gods, who seek stability and progression, ultimately to stagnation.
The Titans, who perpetuate continual, incessant, ungovernable freedom.
The Magi, who seek to manipulate the other powers for their own purposes.

These forces are locked in a perpetual battle for supremacy. The mortal worlds about them are the spoils; the ultimate prize the ability to manipulate, mold and assert their will over what has been and what can be created. Left unchecked, these powers results in destruction and doom.

The world is not fully formed. At its edges, raw chaos seethes.The Gods are naturally attracted to such a state so that it can impose order - they cannot rule what they cannot control. In so doing, they create and extend territories that will be sympathetic to it. Because it is unfinished, The Sacred Earth is still attractive to both powers as a battle ground in the Long War.

The Long War is little more than an eternal game. Mortals are playing pieces and the rules are both fixed and uncertain. For most, the game is removed and remote from their lives. Things happen and people accept it. Across the world, countless individuals are born, live and die, completely ignorant of the cosmic game that goes on about them. However those who seek to understand the nature of the board, the pieces and the rules of the game mark themselves out as willing pawns to manipulated by the Power they choose to favor. The Long War is never to the advantage of the human condition. The Powers will argue passionately otherwise but they are lying (or merely playing the game). The Long War serves only those supernatural entities that represent and personify the essential nature of the two forces. Human life - all life - is secondary, abstract and expendable.

The Titans

It is the true intention of the Titans not to defeat the Gods but to continue the war and preserve the competition between the powers indefinitely. The Titans know that for either side to win spells complete doom and its strategy is to perpetuate struggle and conflict, seeking its own advantage but never to advance to a stage where complete destruction is guaranteed. The Titans value freedom and change, and complete victory ends the struggle, leaving them with nothing. The promise of [[[the Gods]] is stability through absolute obedience, and that is something the Titans cannot accept. So the Long War must continue forever.

Very few mortals are party to such knowledge. For most followers of the Titans, the express intention is to defeat the Gods and obtain absolute freedom. However, the few that reach the exalted levels any Titan cult's high priesthood learn, that the real aim of is to simply perpetuate the fight.

The Gods

The Titans seek to sustain the fight; The Gods seeks to win it. They cannot operate without a clear, unassailable goal. Their path is forthright and linear and all those who stand in its way are swept aside or crushed. For The Gods, even stalemate is unacceptable – an impediment to a singular way of being that cannot permit any diversion from a sole, immutable path. The goal of The Gods is to end Time itself; because Time is the instigator of change. For The Gods, there can only be one acceptable outcome - an eternity of endless, changeless, purity removed of all mortal existence and the passage of time.

Naturally enough the Gods do not reveal their ultimate intentions to their faithful. However, they are overt in their desire: the Titans and the Magi are to be crushed. Yet, whereas the other powers can contemplate some form of equilibrium between the two powers, the Gods are unable to do so. For all their tenets of progress, it is an intolerant, indivertible philosophy that is ultimately bent on achieving singular domination. If they cannot attain victory on their terms, then they plan to destroy everything instead.

Those who adhere to the Gods’s precepts believe that they work through them, which contrasts with the view of those adhering to The Titans who believe that their masters are essentially aloof and grant power in lieu of a direct channeling. Priests of the Gods believe in a more direct relationship. Adherents view themselves as tools and weapons in the Long War rather than as adjuncts or accoutrements supporting it. This view allows the the Gods to recruit and indoctrinate fanatical supporters, because a personal relationship is part of the reward.

The Magi

The Magi seek to take advantage of the stalemate in the Long War to craft their own empires and followers. Like the Titans, they hope to prolong the Long War, but unlike them, they have an ultimate goal in mind - they seek to destroy both factions and take their places as the power that commands the very essence of creation and chaos for themselves. Until the time comes for the Magi to make their move, they gather their forces and wait.

Unlike the other powers in the Long War, the Magi live in the mortal world, commanding and controlling it in both subtle and overt ways. Each magus dreams of being the sole power in the cosmos, and so alliances are made and broken all the time as each one seeks a superior position. Empires rise and fall as each magus searches for a new way to advance his schemes and become sole ruler of all creation.

Servants of the Magi either believe that their magus is a powerful entity that can protect of advance them, and indeed, the Magi perpetuate this belief. Their servants see them as protectors, and serve them because they wish to have safety or power.

Why the Powers Use Humans

Humans need answers. They do not easily accept their condition or the condition of the universe. In the quest for greater understanding they seek to change, manipulate and impose their own order on a state of existence that transcends their own, short span, on levels that ought to be inconceivable. Humans are restless, curious and meddlesome. Great good can be the result of the human condition, but so can great evil.

Humans manifest in one body the essential natures of all of the Powers. To have this essential nature demonstrated and then either channeled or put at human disposal, makes humans malleable and ripe for exploitation. They become the perfect engines for the Long War; compliant gaming pieces that struggle in some futile hope that they can prevail over powers that are infinitely more advanced than they are.

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