Thief Acrobat

Prerequisites: Dexterity 13+, must have selected the Criminal Background at least once.
XP Cost: 200

Starting Ability

A Thief-Acrobat may move his full movement while using the Acrobatics skill to tumble without suffering a penalty or increasing the DC of his check.


Athletic Cascade
XP Cost: 2,430
If you move before making an attack, for the purposes of flanking you may count any square you have moved through as threatening an opponent in addition to the space you are actually attacking from. In this manner, you may even flank with yourself.

Death From Above
XP Cost: 4,320
If you can fall at least 30’ (by falling from a height or by using a Jump check) and end in an enemy's square, any attacks made at the end of that fall do triple damage. Sneak Attack is not multiplied in this way.

Fling Backwards
XP Cost: 2,970
When you take damage from an attack, you may fling yourself backwards, thereby lessening the impact. Make an Acrobatics check with a DC equal to the damage inflicted. If you succeed, you suffer only half damage. This is a skill check, not a Saving Throw, so abilities such as Evasion do not apply. You are moved away from the source of damage by 5' for every 5 points of damage negated in this way. If there is not enough space for you to move, you suffer 1d6 of damage for each square not moved. If she passes through an occupied square, the Thief Acrobat would have to make a tumble check to avoid attacks of opportunity.

Grapple Line
XP Cost: 1,080
By firing a missile weapon designed as a grappling weapon at an unoccupied square and doing at least 1 point of damage to an object filling that square (wall, ceiling, statue, etc.) or a securely affixed object (ceiling post, small statue affixed to floor, etc.), you may run a rope from your current potion to that location as a full round action. You may then use this rope to make Acrobatics checks as normal.

Weapons designed as grappling weapons have a simple pulley and loop attached at the end and are balanced for this modification, and have at least a 50’ length of strong thread running through it and connected to a rope so that it can be pulled through swiftly. They cost an additional +1 sp each, and suffer a 5’ reduction in range increment.

Kip Up
XP Cost: 810
You may stand up from prone as a free action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Mercurial Charge
XP Cost: 1,620
You no longer need to move in a straight line to charge, nor must you charge the closest available space. You still may not move back on yourself during a charge, and your charge move still ends as soon as you threaten your target.

Pole Jump
XP Cost: 540
If holding a pole, spear, staff, long staff, or other pole-like object in both hands, you may add twice your reach to your final distance moved during a Jump check, and in this instance your jump distances are not limited by height.

XP Cost: 180
As a full-round action you may move up to your base speed while also searching each 5’ square immediately in front of you for traps. You must "take 10" when you use this ability, and can not make a check for squares searched in this way. If you reduce your speed to only half of your base speed you may "take 15" for the round instead. You may do this, in difficult circumstances and without penalty, even if you do not have 4 ranks above the minimum required to use the search ability, but you are limited to only finding though traps you could otherwise find based on your ranks in Devices.

Unsettling Choreography
XP Cost: 1,890
You may use your Dexterity modifier in place of your Strength modifier when making a trip or bull rush attempt.

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