Training represents a physical or mental regimen that your character involves himself in to improve his body and mind. The specifics of the regimen are left up to the player, but they represent more than just staying in shape or doing basic exercises for the mind - those are covered by the character's ability scores, which represent the character in excellent physical condition. Going beyond that requires intense work, and the process in detailed here.

Like everything else in Blood & Iron, these abilities are paid for with Experience Points, representing the time and energy you spent perfecting your training and the effort you spent sticking to it. Like all abilities, training abilities may only be taken once unless otherwise stated.

Training Abilities

Ability Score Increase
XP Cost: Varies (see below)
Training to increase you ability scores represents an enormous amount of work, and natural talent counts for a lot - naturally strong people can train to achieve great strength, naturally smart people can train to become geniuses, and the already charismatic can hone the force of their personality to incredible levels.

This ability may be taken multiple times. It's effects stack as detailed below.

You pay the Experience Points listed on the chart below to increase an ability score of your choice by 1. Every time you purchase an additional increase to the same ability score, you pay more Experience Points to achieve the increase (you are fighting the natural limits of your body or mind, and it takes steadily more effort to see increases in performance).

For example, Turuk the Slayer wants to train to increase his Strength and Dexterity. His Strength starts at 14, and his Dexterity starts at 10. First, he pays 360 XP to increase his Strength to 15. If he wanted to increase it again to 16, he would need to pay 1,320 XP. If he decides to increase his Dexterity next, increasing it from 10 to 11 would cost him 360 XP (because he hasn't purchased any increases for it yet).

Ability Score Increase XP Cost
First Increase 360
Second Increase 1,320
Third Increase 2.280
Fourth Increase 3,240
Fifth Increase 4,200

Additional Melee Attack
XP Cost: 1,620
By working on both your reflexes and on anticipating weaknesses in your opponent's defenses, you have developed a melee style that allows you to strike more swiftly. You may make an additional attack per round roll at no penalty.

Increased Hit Points
XP Cost: 800
Through extended endurance training, you have managed to increase your body's ability to manage pain. Roll a d12 and add the total to your maximum hit points. Note that this ability does not increase your Hit Dice, just your hit point total. This ability may be taken a number of times equal to your Constitution modifier.

Increased Speed
XP Cost: 1,080
Through intense physical workouts, you have managed to increase you base speed. Increase your base speed by 10 feet.

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