Unspeakable Oath

170 XP

MP Cost: 2
Components: V
Casting time: 5 minutes
Target: Self or one willing, intelligent creature
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Demonic pact

Perhaps the easiest pathway for great power and a horrible end, the Unspeakable Oath is a vow given to the Unspeakable One in exchange for raw power and destructive favors. The loathsome vow is chanted in a long-dead language. It can be cast for other, willing creatures as long as the caster has made the Oath himself before. Power granted by this simple, but hard to find ritual is great. The creature taking the Oath must make Will save DC 25 or receive one minor insanity. The Oath can be taken by anyone, even those actively opposed to the Unspeakable One. The price to be paid ensures that the Oath is always beneficial to its master, even when the boons granted are harmful to its other followers.
The Oathsayer may either have one of his enemies hit by wrath of his new master (in practice, Death Comes on Swift Wings at DC 40 with Fortitude DC of the diseases in question increased by five) or ask for blessing of magical power. Those asking for power receive one BMP per year or when they reach next level, whichever comes sooner. First point of bonus power is received immediately. Other gifts are possible at the discretion of GM, though they should all be destructive and hideous in their outcome. For example, someone making the Oath to resurrect his dead wife would have his beloved come to haunt him as putrid, rotting corpse. However, few of those who make the pact realize its true price. The rest are simply too deranged or desperate to care. Price of the Oath is to give the Unspeakable One a gateway on the Earth through body of the Oathmaker.

Taking the Oath causes the character to receive one point of Taint thereafter at the same day he originally made the vow or when he goes up a level, whichever comes first. At Taint score of 5, he will contract Leprosy without a save. As Taint reaches levels where physical signs become apparent, the characters skin starts to take a sickly yellowish hue. Later small wounds seeping putrid puss appear around his body and animals react to his presence with fear or rage. As the character finally reaches Taint score of 10 - or would die from the Leprosy, but not from any other cause - he turns in to a horrible beast under control of the Unspeakable One. Even if the unfortunate victim received most of his Taint score from other sources than the yearly payment of the Oath, his fate will still be the same. Taking the Oath is truly permanent. If someone else casts the Oath for the character and he later proceeds to kill the original caster, it will not save him from his fate. Only intervention from some other similar power as the Unspeakable One may save him from his impending doom. Often the sources detailing the vow do their best to avoid revealing its true price.

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