Valusian Tribe
Plural Valusians
Modifiers +2 Wisdom
Special Abilities Expert Builder, Fearless
Disadvantage Conceited
Homeland The Old Empire
Language Valusian Names
Valusians are no longer pure-blooded Icatians. Centuries of intermingling with Uruk, and Stygian tribes have darkened their skin somewhat, although they still remain stout and tend toward tawny hair.

Culture: The Empire of Valusia considers itself to be the true Old Empire, and the keepers of the ways of Vaul, the Fifth of the Magi. As a result, the government is organized according to ancient tradition. As in the Pax Icatia, there is a senate elected by the people that deliberates law and policy. This body serves as advisors for the First Citizen of Valusia, an emperor in all but name, who rules the empire in trust until the return of Vaul.

Trade drives the economy of Valusia. The Silver Road is an important economic highway and is probably the single most unifying factor in the entire region. Mining does occur throughout the Valusian lands, but is rarely profitable enough to supplant international trade as the major economic force. Most of the larger cities are built along the Silver Road where the economy is the strongest. Nearly 100 towns, seventeen cities and one metropolis lurk along that stretch of road, housing over 734,000 of Valusia's seven million residents. Along tributaries of the Road and various rivers, the towns grow smaller and smaller, giving way to nearly ten thousand different villages, hamlets and isolated farms and homes. Over 250 castles and forts have been built and remain standing, with some dating as far back as the war with Acheron.

Religion: The Valusians worship Vaul and pay homage to Asur and Nagina (they cannot quite bring themselves to worship Yag). Many of the lower classes also worship Mithras and a variety of household spirits. The Valusians treat worship pragmatically - as long as subjects in their empire also worship Vaul, they can worship any other of the powers that they want.

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