Walk Unseen

510 XP

MP Cost: 30
Threshold: 2
Components: S
Casting Time: One action
Range: Evil Eye
Targets: All living creatures with range
Duration: 1 minute per level
Saving Throw: Will negates
Prerequisites: Stealth 8 ranks, mesmerize
Magic Attack Roll: Sets the DC for the targets’ saving throws

This spell permits the caster to become unseen. The spell does not grant actual invisibility, but forces those who fall victim to the spell to ignore the sorcerer. Whenever anyone sees the sorcerer, they must make a Will save. If the saving throw is failed, they do not see the sorcerer and the sorcerer gains all the benefits of invisibility. If the sorcerer casts a spell or makes an attack when under the effects of Walk Unseen, then all those affected by the spell may make another Will save each round to resist its effects. The sorcerer may not use this spell to fade from view – anyone who is looking at the sorcerer when the spell is cast continues to see the sorcerer.

Material Component Options*
The caster may use a fresh (less than 3 days old) human eye as a material component when casting this spell. If he does, the save DC is increased by +6 if the caster succeeds an Arcana skill check (DC 17) when the spell is cast. The DC of this spell increases by +8 if the eye is from a still-living human.

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