War Chant [Teamwork]

Prerequisites: Battle Cry, base attack bonus +3.

Benefit: The range and effectiveness of your Battle Cry increases significantly, depending on how many of your allies are also using this feat (see below). To gain the benefits of this feat, all characters must be part of the same unit – there must be no gaps larger than 5’ squares within their ranks. Rather than each character rolling their Battle Cry check individually, the character with the highest Intimidate skill rolls against all opponents within range. Unlike other Battle Cries, the War Chant can be performed continuously until such time as any member of the unit is involved in melee combat, although any opponents who successfully save against its effects need not roll to save again during the same battle or encounter (unless they encounter a different group of War Chant users, of course).

Number of characters using the War Chant Battle Cry Range Will Save Penalty Attack Penalty
1 (just you) 35ft. -1
2-4 40ft. -1 -1
5-19 45ft. -2 -2
20-49 50ft. -3 -2
50-99 55ft. -4 -3
100+ 60ft. -5 -3
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