Ward Dwelling

170 XP

MP Cost: 20+
Components: S, M
Casting Time: One hour per MP
Range: Touch
Target: One dwelling
Duration: One month
Prerequisites: Arcana 4 ranks, warding
Magic Attack Roll: Opposes opponent’s magic attack roll

This spell protects a structure from evil magic. 20 MPs must be expended to shield a small hut or cave from evil magic; 40 points would suffice for the average house, 60 for a large mansion, while a Stygian palace might require 100 or more MPs. If anyone tries to cast a spell on a target inside the warded dwelling, or if a summoned or ensorcelled creature tries to enter the dwelling, the ward is triggered. Each ward dwelling spell only works once, whether or not it blocks the hostile spell but a building can be protected by multiple wards. The caster of the spell knows when his ward dwelling spell is triggered. To cast ward dwelling, various arcane marks and runes must be carved into the threshold and pillars of the building. It is possible to ‘disarm’ a spell by removing the right marks (Knowledge (arcana) DC 15 to identify them).

Material Components: Paints and gem dusts worth 100 silver pieces per MP with which to inscribe protective runes on the subject.

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