Ward Of Parath

1,190 XP

MP Cost: 80
Threshold; 7
Components: V, S, M, XP
Casting Time: 40 minutes, plus 10 minutes per additional caster
Range: Anywhere within the area to be warded
Area: Any enclosed structure (such as a building or tome) up to 200 sq. ft. per caster
Duration: Mortal (see below)
Saving Throw: None
Prerequisites: Forbid entry, elder sign, warding

Named because it was first used to protect the tombs of the wealthy, this spell renders a building or other structure resistant to thievery. Within the structure so warded (or part of the structure, if the area of the spell is insufficient to encompass the whole thing), the following modifications are in effect:

  • Disable Device, Open Lock, and Search skill checks suffer a –15 enhancement penalty.
  • When using spells and spell-like effects that allow magical transportation into or out of the building, spell effects that unlock or otherwise open portals and doors, and spells permitting movement through walls or solid objects, the caster of these spells must make a magic attack roll (DC 25), or have them fail. Any MP spent on these spells or effects is still spent.
  • All save DCs for any traps built in the structure before the spell increase by +4.

A single caster may cast this spell, but it is more efficient for multiple casters to do so, as multiple casters may split the XP cost among them, as well as increase the area of the spell. All level-dependent aspects of this spell are determined by the primary caster.

When the spell is cast, the casters must declare what they are protecting. It must be something in the building itself, rather than the structure as a whole. It might be a treasure, an interred corpse, or something similar. The spell lasts until the primary caster dies, as long as it succeeds in protecting the subject. However, once the subject of the spell has been disturbed, the spell fades and the building is now safe (or at least safer) for intruders.

Material component: Paints and inks with which mystical symbols are painted throughout the area, include powdered metals and gems added to the pigments, worth 3,000sp.

Experience Point Cost: 3,000 XP divided evenly among all casters.

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