Weapon Proficiency (Flails)


This skill measures your talent with weapons that have the "flail" property.

Rank 1 Ability

You make attack rolls with any weapon with the "flail" quality normally.

Rank 3 Ability

When wielding a flail, you gain a competence bonus on damage rolls equal to one-third of the ranks you have in this skill.

Rank 5 Ability

You can lengthen your grip on a flail to use it as a reach weapon, or shorten it to use against adjacent foes. Changing grips is a swift action.

Rank 6 Ability

Flails you wield have the Impacting property.

Rank 7 Ability

If you score a critical hit with a flail, your opponent must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC equal to damage dealt), or be stunned for 1 round.

Rank 10 Ability

Flails you wield also have the Mounted property.

Rank 13 Ability

Flails you wield have the Tripping property.

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