Witch Runes

How to Read the Entries

Each Witch Rune is separated into it's own page. The page format is as follows:

XP Cost: The cost in XP it will take to learn the rune.
Location: The location of the rune on the body. Remember that you may only have one rune on each body part at a time, unless you have the Bloody Breast feat.
Blood Points: The number of blood points needed to scribe the rune on your body. Remember that you may only scribe runes on yourself, and that each rune scribed on your body is permanently deducted from your maximum number of blood points available in your blood pool (see the Witch section for more details).


Charm Against Contusions
Charm of the Beast
Lapine Symbol
Rune of Fear
Rune of Flight
Rune of Reprisal
Rune of Sight
Sigil of the Auroch
Sigil of the Bloody Nail
Sigil of the Oak
Sign of Might
Sign of Speed
Sign of Strength
Sign of Will
Skyclad Blessing

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