340 XP

MP Cost: 3
Components: V, S
Casting time: Standard action
Range: Close
Target: One living creature
Duration: One round per level
Saving throw: Fortitude negates
Magic Attack Roll: Sets DC for Fortitude save
Prerequisites: Magic attack bonus +2, raise corpse, lesser ill-fortune

Invoking eldritch powers, the caster points his hand claw-like at the unfortunate victim, choosing one limb as his target. The limb withers, turning grey and powerless as if robbed of its life-force. Held items are dropped on the ground. In the case of legs, the characters fall prone and can only move by crawling. Creatures with more than two legs take -2 Dex penalty and -5 ft. movement penalty for the duration of spell, if they have more than half of their legs remaining.

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