510 XP

MP Cost: 4
Components: V, S
Casting time: Standard action
Range: Close
Target: One living creature
Duration: One round per level
Saving throw: Fortitude negates
Prerequisites: Magic attack bonus +3, greater ill-fortune, raise corpse
Magic Attack Roll: Sets DC for Fortitude save

By making an ancient gesture in the air and cursing his enemy aloud, the sorcerer causes his body to twist in unendurable pain. The victim falls prone and helpless, unable to do anything but moan in great pain. He is blinded by red haze of the torment. After the primary torment ends, he will still suffer from distracting pain for 3d10 minutes, giving him -2 on all checks. The caster receives +8 circumstance bonus on Intimidate skill checks against someone successfully targeted with the spell.

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